Lake Geneva

This summer has been beautiful. I've visited so many different places that all felt different and brought me back to that familiar reality of how much is out there to see and so many strangers to meet. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning all I want is to be little again, to not fear the judgement or lack of something ; the comfort of always having the sound of someone who loves you nearby and the excitement of a place you never knew existed the way it did. I know there will always be a voice to call or a form to hold, but the adventure and unknown wonder of being a child is something I still try to bring into my life even today. I don't want to look at something beautiful and not see magical creations in this place from my imagination as a child, or the questions of what remarkable being had stood in the same spot in the past. When I wander into a new place or meet a new face I want to capture it and remember it's worth. This new place was Lake Geneva. A bitty, old town with a beautiful lake the color of a forest at dusk. It was a random place I secretly longed to visit, and I had the joy of going with my family for my Papou's 84th birthday. Now when I return to this gleaming spot I won't forget his smile, and the hardest year we as a family had to face, but got through in the end like I knew we would.