In The Studio With Anberlin : The Making Of Vital

Working with Anberlin was one of the greatest opportunities in my years of being a photographer. Documenting the making of their new album,Vital, through images brought joy just seeing such a close knit band of people who can create so well together and have held together as a band for many years. More bands should use them as an example of what making music should be and the heart of creating it for the right reasons. I'm just thankful I got to capture them as they are and be a part of Vital.

an Instagram photo of a collage I put together of the pages featuring my work used in the new album, besides the cover photographed by Aaron Feaver

 This is the trailer to the album's exclusive dvd "Pretend To Be Friends." It covers days in the making of Vital along with parts from the photo shoot in Nashville, TN. (I didn't film this)


  1. Wow. Small world. I work with a guy who tours with them as backup and got to hang out with the band while watching The Smashing Pumpkins perform.

    And the producer Aaron Sprinkle works with us on musical content all the time. Great pics!

    1. Ha... I just went to lunch yesterday with my friend Renee who says she hung out with you for a bit. =)

  2. Such awesome photos, Bliss!
    AMAZING work.