A few months ago many strangers and friends asked me when I would make it back to Los Angeles. This question repeated over a couple weeks, my answer to all of them was  "I'm not so sure but I feel like it's going to happen soon". By the end of that month of this  travel question I received a phone call by a red-headed beauty named Keely Jowitt. She asked me if she could fly me to LA to photograph her for her upcoming album. 
I said yes. 

 Keely and her love, Matt
myself, overlooking Los Angeles at sundown

We went on a road trip to Santa Barbara for two perfect days. Listening to loud music on the highway while driving along the sparkling coast. 
In the timbered hills we arrived to a gorgeous Mexican styled home, with a big backyard overlooking the Pacific.


seals playing in the bay
Keely and a hibiscus at dinner by the pier

The week spent in California was perfect, besides the jet lag. I can't explain how many naturally beautiful images I captured and still have to share soon. Praying that I will be back to the west coast sooner than later.


  1. such a gorgeous images, i love your photographs so much, they always have a nostalgic/lovely touch on them.

  2. Bliss, it's absurd how beautiful the colors in your images always come out. Well done~