A Day with Laura

There's a special woman in my life that I've spent countless days, memories and words with on highways across America. Laura Burhenn is a soul that radiates love and a desire to encourage people about how precious life is. Her voice echoes through thousands of stores, record players, and headphones daily with the sound of her band, The Mynabirds. I'm grateful to have a soul sister in my life who I can cross paths with anywhere on the map and begin again like we were never apart.

We spent a day together in Los Angeles. We drove around the streets speaking of our blessings, heartbreaks, healing by travel and dreams of being mothers someday. She brought me to a perfect vegan cafe where we later ended up at a blooming flower shop. Laura's personality always brought extra light wherever she went, even the most lovely places.

We later ended up at the bungalow she was living at. It had a giant garden full of vegetables, spices, and little chickens. It was surrounded by bamboo trees and wooden walls, perfect for her much needed time of gaining inspiration for her upcoming album.
the best homemade (and healthy) cookie I've had in years
I miss her daily but know it won't be for too long until we spend time together again, hopefully on the open road. x

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