The Neighbourhood × Chicago

  soundcheck at The Metro, Chicago

Nathan Wing

being interviewed by Shure microphones

Jesse + Mikey watching the band's music video of "Afraid" for the first time

The days and nights I spent capturing The Neighbourhood in different cities were some of my favorite moments as a photographer. The refreshing style they had and kindness was welcoming of me to their small spaces. The Neighbourhood's draw is from the band's true cornerstone of not holding back expression. Their identity live on stage as well as on their albums has gained listeners worldwide instantly because they truly know who they are and what they are doing. Being able to talk one on one with them about their goals, hopes, and fears is why I became a photographer, to capture the in-between moments and realness of people. 
Their message roots from honesty, moving on, and dream chasing.  
At this show, they gathered in the Chicago green room for hours accompanied by the British band LoveLife. My photographs were to be shared with The Rolling Stone so capturing intimate moments was my pursuit.

preparing to walk onstage

With a toothpick resting on his lips, Jesse waits in patience as the band follows ahead while screaming fans fill the Metro ballroom. Looking down, nodding his head with a mind full of preparation and details behind a backstage door, the lighting is dark but as he steps out the room turns white with strobes, then black, then white again as the first moments of layered rock instruments and hip-hop tones collide with a following of his voice, harmonizing with the crowd's lead.

 meeting fans outside the venue

Fans lined up behind the venues every show I attended and all the member didn't hesitate to meet each person who anxiously awaited a picture or eye connected smile. I respect and admire them, and look forward for more opportunities to document their lives


  1. Your phorography is insane. I am trying to get into the photography world myself but I am having such a hard time. Would you mind giving me some advice? (:
    Mortem Blonde

    1. Get inspired daily. Create any chance you get. Don't give up. x