Today was a day of heavy thoughts so I took a quiet walk by myself then sat by some cherry red flowers. A silly thought hit me, 'flowers aren't ever upsetting, don't have anything bad to show for and always are there in sadness or joy'.  It reminded me of what I've had on my heart for months about how treasure (a quantity of precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects) doesn't hunt itself. You are that treasure and you deserve to be found and most importantly be joyous always inbetween patience.

 I'm on a mini getaway with my mother, which is nostalgic. I don't go much of anywhere with her  and adventuring was our original bond when I was a child. We would climb deserted cliffs in Hawaii, deep diving with snorkels to admire coral reefs up close, she taught me to jump in the water with wild dolphins without fear any chance I got, and multiple times we roamed in tropical forests in Mexico looking for parrots. Those memories and more similar are etched into my soul for eternity.

My mama always told me I was really quiet, shy and introverted. I have to agree with her on that at times but growing up I opened up (a little). She taught me to never hold myself back from little things that brought true happiness in life. Stargazing. Traveling. Friendships. Chocolate. I was her constant joy and she still to this day won't let me doubt it for moment. 

If you are like me and was always kind to everyone, people have most likely taken advantage or stolen of you in some way. For me this has happened more times than countable. But in each instance of feeling at loss from someone's selfishness, the one thing those people can't cheat you from is your solid, soul happiness. Forgive them. What you give to the world will never truly be enough but always give your all with love and the desire of helping at least one person.
"In between goals is a thing called life, and that has to be lived and enjoyed"

tunic by Forever 21


  1. Yes. So thankful for you and your words.

  2. People always say that the proper word come in the proper moment, guess that's why I had this post without read. Today, you have no idea how much i needed to read this words. Thank you!