Puerto Rico

While watching the sun rise up as it is brimmed through the clouds, I realized this summer is just beginning. I'm on a flight with a friend who is like a sister to me. We're landing in Puerto Rico. Cassie and I find ourselves in the back of a taxi cab headed to our elegant, pink apartment in Old San Juan with a peaceful courtyard in the center. I put my bags down and looked at myself in the mirror to see a thin grin of excitement, tired eyes, and a girl who is once again living in the center of her nomadic dream.
It was morning so we set out to adventure Old San Juan. The beautiful architecture shared a story, along with the charming people there. Castillo de San Cristóbal was the first spot we explored. Looking out over the ancient stone walls was steep cliffs that met with the waters of the Atlantic. The way the building's pastels met with the royal blue water was divine and unlike any color palette I had seen in a city.
We discovered the best breakfast at Caficultura, a little cafe with friendly workers and pretty couches.
a local photographer who asked to take our photograph
"I felt free and therefore I was free"
 Walking took a toll on us so we found a field to lay in aside Fort San Felipe del Morro. The blue sky, green hills, and mountains was our backdrop. People flew kites all around us as the sun hid for the moon. We spoke about our lives and identical faith. The sound of distant crashing waves and music echoed through the town around us.

Next morning comes and I step out into the glowing courtyard wearing all white and crochet, with my bare feet against the cold tiles. All my anxieties flee while sitting in the sun, embracing the reality of new places. Greenery lays on the courtyard walls and the sun wraps around each leaf. My heart is heavy for the things I see here. The beauty and history makes me feel so young. Two of my biggest fears are losing memories of all the special places I've traveled over time, and taking these visuals for granted. I believe our lives are mapped out before we even think of experiencing these things. Our desires, dreams, and callings  lead us there because we are a union of hearts, rooted by the hands of God.  But we may look at the same stars above and call them separate names. You, the astronomer. Me, the peasant. The stars to you are endless questions and other worlds, to me they are candles that light me home since I have lost my compass. Let us come together to marvel at them, joining hands. The ministration of love.
 We decided to shop and found a naturals store called Marisel, full of soaps, scrubs, and scents made by the owner. She lit up and complimented my style, calling me a "goddess" from my large silver cuff and large coined necklace. I bought lavender lip balm and left  with hugs.
 Mari showing us where she creates all her products and holds classes to teach others how to make their own soaps and perfumes.
 At noon I buy a coconut to drink from at a hut. I had been anticipating this and I couldn't stop laughing. I later find myself diving underwater along rocks, snorkeling with striped fish, colorful corals, and urchins.

We ventured around making sure we experienced all the exciting streets on final night. It was a Sunday and the whole city was lit up. We walked through crowds of people along thin streets lined with purse vendors, churros, and colorful macaws. I don't think the time spent there could have been more beautiful. We ended our night with the best flan dessert.

all clothing featured is from Forever 21


  1. home. This post is home to me. Thank you!
    I'll be visiting my parents over there in August. Haven't been back since I got married last year.
    Lord knows I miss it.

  2. Even when the picture are spectacular, the way you narrated every moment is so inviting and you got the feeling from your heart, love your post and pictures so much, but your words always make their way to my heart