Just Married

 7 years ago our Love Story began. 
Exactly one month ago my husband and I were married in a southern field, surrounded by family and dearest friends from all over the map. It is all coming back to me and I have an eagerness to share the most important day of our lives.
Here's a small look into our day

 our vows
I vow to fall deeply in love with you, 
to wake up every morning to a dream come true,
to travel the world with you,
to always call you beautiful, 
to weather any hardship we go through, to guard and honor you.
I vow to earn your love daily while being the best I can be every day.
Jesus said, "You don't understand what I'm doing now but someday you will."
It reminds me of the mysterious love story God wrote us 7 years ago.
Today we will become one and I vow many things.
I vow to start each day with a thankful heart,
to speak truth into your life daily,
I'll push you to write, draw, build, and sing.
I vow to encourage you endlessly and be the best wife I can be.
I vow to have a marriage more beautiful than our wedding and to grow in love,
keeping God in the center. 
You are my dream and with you I'm home
my dad and I's dance was "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac

mama and I danced to "The Best Day" by Taylor Swift
 Our love is simple, natural, and effortless.
My heart grows heavy thinking if another road was taken and if it didn't end up this way. I feel at home with him and free.
Every day is a new adventure and I can't wait for tomorrow
Photography: Darling Juliet   Custom Dress: Etsy   Cake Topper: Mattiel Brown  
Officiant: Matthew Stallbaum   Airstream: Cosmic Cafe


  1. Bliss, everything about your wedding looks absolutely perfect... Down to the very last detail! I'm sad I couldn't be there but I'm so glad you made this post so I could live through the pictures. I'm so excited for you & Jake. PS: You make one stunning bride. <3 xoxo

  2. This is just precious, thank you so much for sharing with us those beautiful pictures, your day was a very special one for what I can see, your votes were lovely and I wish you and your husband the best! Congrat girl and may the Love of God be always in your home :)