At fourteen I picked up my very own film camera my father gave me and since have not stopped creating. My passion of documenting started with catching 35mm stills of nature, then by photographing strangers, friends, and family. Shortly after I was filled with a furious passion like no other. My daily joy became roaming cities with my camera, snapping unscripted moments of people. By age seventeen my photographs were featured in magazines, on book covers, online interviews and in album art. Very young I realized quickly that my dream of touching others' lives through my vision was coming to fruition.

For many years I've traveled throughout the United States photographing fashion, touring with bands, and capturing weddings with film and digital cameras at my side. With youthful freedom as my biggest influence, my self taught style hopes to share a story. Now at age 23 I am currently located between Chicago and Central Florida but frequently wandering.

I am an American woman living her dream

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