1. Hello,

    I have told you this on Twitter before, but it isn't quite the same. I just love your style of photography. How you capture the world and people around you is incredible. Unique is the best way to describe it. Since i am also a big fan of B&W photos i also enjoy those shots you take. So, this leads me to a question, how did you get to where you are now? I read what you said on your website, but what about the gap between 14 and 17? I would really appreciate your response, but I also know you may not have time to do so. Anyway, thank you for the work that you do and for inspiring me to seek out those unique shots.
    -Charlie Strange

  2. Thank you so much, Charlie! The gap between ages 14-17 was just teaching myself new things, reading about editing and camera settings then doing creative shoots as often as possible. I would contact touring bands and professional models and do sessions with them to get my name out there and push myself with opportunities even if they scared me. I started making money from photo shoots at age 16 and realized I was obsessed enough to make photography a lifelong passion and career. It was never easy and I didn't once take pride in myself. I am a believer in God and I just ask for doors to open in my life and they always do. Thank you for asking and being supportive, it means so much to me.


  3. I love your blog, do you know what your theme is called?

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